Frequently asked questions

Do you do horse boarding?

Yes, we provide horse boarding. We offer SELF-CARE and FULL BOARD (if slots are available).

How large is your facility  and arena?

Our facility is located on approx 33 acres with free flowing streams accessible from all major areas. Our arena is approx 300 ft by 75 ft.

How far are you from the interstate?

We are approx 1.9 miles from the I-81 interstate corridor and approx 35 miles from I-77 which connects North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

Do you allow campers and RV’s to stay overnight at the Livery?

Yes, We have areas dedicated for weary horses that need some room to run around for the evening while their owners relax while traveling.

Do you offer trail riding or other riding excursions?

Unfortunately not at this moment, However it is a service we are adding soon.